Stacker News Live #111: Bitcoin Takeover at SXSW

Stacker News Live #111: Bitcoin Takeover at SXSW

Join Car and Keyan to discuss Stacker News' top posts of the week, Car & Keyan's favorite posts of the week, and top stackers for the week of March 15th, 2024.

Time Stamp

03:58 - "Guys, I think Satoshi left us"  2011 Bitcointalk thread
11:35 - Being expatriotic
22:13 - Pix in Brazil: A Field Study for the Bitcoin Community
34:29 - Does Compliance Kill Bitcoin?
41:05 - Are you moving towards freedom or away from it?
47:31 - Alekos Filini AMA
51:38 - AMA - Danny Diekroeger Founder of Deezy Labs - Ordinals, Lightning, and More
1:05:07 - My Bitcoin Wild West Startup Day Panel Notes
1:09:38 - PlebLab Startup Day 2024 presented by WolfNYC

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