Stacker News Live #123: My Opening Remarks with PlebPoet

Stacker News Live #123: My Opening Remarks with PlebPoet

Join Car and Keyan to discuss Stacker News' top posts of the week, Car & Keyan's favorite posts of the week, and top stackers for the week of June 7th, 2024.

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Time Stamps:

00:49 - What is a plebpoet? My Opening Remarks
10:08 - Ecash mints are just like the Fed's Repo Window
20:44 - Announcing Super Testnet Workshops
23:39 - How Bitcoin Can Play into the Minimalism Movement?
32:04 - Gold confiscation in Shanghai, 1948
39:12 - People who bought Berkshire cheap have their trades undone.
44:34 - How I spend my coins privately with Coinjoin and Lightning
46:35 - How much bitcoin owned by ETFs is too much?
51:19 - Ark Labs launches to develop new Bitcoin Layer 2 payments network
52:51 - Tucker Carlson Interview With Bukele
59:31 - BlackRock, Citadel Securities-backed TXSE Group to start Texas Stock Exchange
1:06:20 - Ditching the Phone

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