Stacker News Live #124: Bitcoin Backslides & Hard Truths

Stacker News Live #124: Bitcoin Backslides & Hard Truths

Join Car and Keyan to discuss Stacker News' top posts of the week, Car & Keyan's favorite posts of the week, and top stackers for the week of June 14th, 2024.

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Time Stamps:

05:21 - Running a Bitcoin Hostel in El Salvador
11:16 - How to MAKE your own Cold Wallet
18:34 - How do feel about negotiating?
30:29 - Abandoned Adoption : Bitcoin Backslides and Hard Truths - #307
39:29 - Marginal Differences
45:19 - Cool update on hedgehog protocol
53:25 - Bitcoin is a Tradfi Asset now
57:16 - Open AI Appoints Former NSA director to the board
1:04:41 - Awesome Linux Laptops: List about Linux laptops
1:08:11 - Cheers To 3 Years Of Stacker News! Here's To Many More
1:10:10 - New podcast episode: AI, Simulations, and Startups with k00b

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