Stacker News Live #127: Weird Bitcoin Transaction with PlebPoet

Stacker News Live #127: Weird Bitcoin Transaction with PlebPoet

Join Car and Keyan to discuss Stacker News' top posts of the week, Car & Keyan's favorite posts of the week, and top stackers for the week of July 5th, 2024.

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Time Stamps:

05:14 - New major release! Phoenix Android/iOS/Server now supports BOLT12
09:59 - Analysis of 0xB10C's weird bitcoin transaction
13:30 - BDMD #3 - Bitcoin is illegal because it is not legal tender
16:29 - BDMD #2 - Govs will shut down internet, so Bitcoin is dead
19:38 - Constructive Critism vs. Unconstructive Critism of OpenSats
25:25 - SN release: we do it because it's hard
25:43 - An Interview with Ek
30:28 - Major 2024 customer data breaches so far
32:17 - Mt Gox Distributions and German Gov Selling is good for Bitcoin
34:21 - All Roads Lead to Lightning - Elizabeth Stark - Bitcoin Asia
34:53 - Announcing ZapConf 2024
35:38 - Debates on the nature of artificial general intelligence
46:14 - Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine?
49:20 - Why don't stackers donate to rewards anymore?
49:53 - IDEA: SN Bitcoin Classroom

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